5 Ways I Use Pinterest For Writing

Pinterest is a wonderful website to be able to save recipes, crafts ideas and so on, but did you know that it can also be a great writing tool? As a writer myself, I stumbled upon the idea of using Pinterest in a few different ways, so are five ways that I find Pinterest to be a useful tool for writing and why you might find it useful too:

  1. Storyboards

Whether to catch the theme of my novel visually or to designate a specific space that I can hoard all the ideas for my many stories, I love to use Pinterest for storyboards because of its unique features and the fact that I can see my ideas/inspiration laid out in front of me in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to understand.

For Saving Grace, I specifically chose to play with the aesthetic of the story’s theme, but in doing so the finished project gave me new inspiration for the story itself!

      2. Character Boards

Okay, this is kind of going off of storyboards, I know, but character boards allow you to focus specifically on your characters. This can be especially helpful for creating round characters who jump off page! When I was creating character boards for the cast of Saving Grace, I learned several things about two of my side characters that I had not known before, allowing for me to go back into the story and note when and where to work in these little details that would further build and strengthen the world I had created, along with the characters inside it.

  1. Setting / Floor Plans

Are you writing a fantasy world? A city? A school? Whatever setting you are choosing to write, there is generally a pin somewhere that can help visually portray what you are trying to describe, and therefore give you more inspiration to help with your story! I found out this idea from a fellow writer, who had an entire pinterest board devoted just to libraries! They explained that they get twisted around in their own head trying to describe their buildings, so having a board with floor plans to reference to when writing helps them to write better.

Personally, I haven’t made a setting board for Saving Grace, but that is on my to-do list in the future.

  1. An inspiration board

This board has no real point other than just being a place to store all those ideas you find around the internet (and while you are searching for pins for your story-specifi boards). This is where a writer can create a treasure trove of ideas, inspiration and motivation to refer back to when the well of creativity (as I Iovingly like to refer to it) has dried up.

  1. Writing Help / Inspiration

Pinterest is full of writing help and inspiration! Just typing “writing” into the search bar brings up a wall full of pins that cover anything from how to put aside time to write your novel to writing prompts to help jog your creativity! This is a great time to even have a separate board to save specific pins that you find helpful so you can reference them later!

That’s all for now. Tell me what you use Pinterest in the comments below or leave a some more ideas about how writers can use Pinterest and feel free to follow my pinterest here.