We Need More Female Superheroes

Have you ever watched the Avengers movies and thought, “Damn, I wish there was a movie for Black Widow?” You aren’t alone. In a world where women are beginning to empower themselves and turning away from the outdated (stereotypical) idea of “woman of the house,” you would think that we could have at least a couple female superheroes on the big screen by now.

While marvel has released news that they are bringing out Captain Marvel for her own movie in March of 2019, it seems a little late. Not unappreciated, but late. On the DC side of things, we are getting Wonder Woman, and it appears that we may finally get a female superhero (in her own movie) kicking ass instead of being relegated to being simply eye candy. As the first movie during this time to feature a female superhero, DC has a huge burden on its shoulders. They will be setting the stage for future movies and they will be heavily critiqued by their audiences–especially women, like myself.

So what exactly am I looking for in a female superhero movie? First of all, an independent woman who does not rely on a man to get things done. Furthermore, let’s break away from the male gaze. Let’s stop focusing on how much we can sexualize women and show just how powerful women can be. Let her be angry, let her be badass and most important of all, show that she is human just like the rest of us. With a cinema world full of male superheroes, I don’t have a female superhero I can really relate to that even has her own movie. I want to see a woman who struggles with the similar things I struggle with in life and still manage to pull herself up and fight. Not only is this important for women like myself, it is important for our children, too.

I want to get rid of the stigma that superheroes movies and comics are only for boys. Let’s show our young girls that they can be just as awesome, just as kick-ass and just as smart as the rest of them, because the sad fact is that girls grow up believing that they are weaker. Our girls need a role model too, someone they can look to and cheer on who doesn’t have to be a princess and doesn’t have to have to be the damsel in distress. I want to get rid of this notion that young girls can only have their “happily-ever-after” if they are rescued by a handsome man who whisks them off their feet and in return they marry said hero. I strongly believe that young girls should be shown that they can be their own hero.

Give me a story where the woman achieves her own happily-ever-after, or maybe not so happy, but she got there on her own merits. Give me healthy relationships between a man and a woman; a woman and a woman; a man and a man or maybe they don’t need love at all.

If nothing else, just give us some badass female superheroes that get their chance in the spotlight for once.

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  1. Farfisa Jones

    There are plenty of female superheroes. All you have to do is look for them. Just because they may not be on the big screen (which glosses over fantastic storylines and subplots for both male and female heroes) doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you want to “get rid of the stigma that superheroes movies and comics are only for boys” then get out there. Bring your girl friends. Go to movies and comic book shops and cons. You “want to see a woman who struggles with the similar things I struggle with in life and still manage to pull herself up and fight”? Be that woman. Be that woman for other women. Help them become their own heroes. Don’t wait for a movie.

    1. blue

      Hi Farfisa, thanks for your comment! I do realize that there are female superheroes in the comics (and I really enjoy when I get to read them). I’m not saying that they don’t exist, but I would like to see some representation for badass women on the big screen. I don’t think that is too much to ask for in the 21st century.

      I am fortunate to live in a wonderful community that encourages women to enjoy comics, as well, so I do enjoy going to comic stores, conventions, movies, and so on with all of my friends. The thought behind this post is that I would like to see more representation for women on the big screen that doesn’t always have to be the “romantic” interest, but don’t worry, I am creating content with some badass women of my own and trying to be the best woman I can be.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  2. Kevin Benko

    Well, there was a brief time recently wherein Marvel had briefly been feminized a bit. Marvel started losing fans. Marvel saw there losses and stopped that nonsense.

    so, NO!

    YOU might think we need female superheros, most, a vast majority, DO NOT.

    Marvel tried, and it learned its lesson. You should also learn the lesson that Marvel did.

    1. blue

      Hi Kevin, thanks for reading! I would like to say that just adding badass women to the marvel universe does not “feminize” it. If you have been keeping up with the Defender’s universe on Netflix, Marvel has actually benefitted from characters like Claire Temple, who, while not being a “superhero” by the definition of a mask and cape, is pretty damn badass (and nurses are often overlooked heroes in the real world). I think she is a great role model for young girls and women everywhere, so yes, a vast majority does need female superheroes.

      I don’t know what lesson you think I should learn here, but I am going to keep talking about the need for more amazing women like Claire Temple (superheroes and others) to be added to the big screen. Stay tuned, since I plan to write a blog post about the 10 reasons that make her awesome!

  3. Mike Hargiss

    I think Marvel is doing a great job with Female Superheroes in their comics. Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man and I thought Spider-Man (maybe wrong) are all females that took up the hammer, claws, suit and mask to become these long standing male characters….that is Awesome!!

    1. blue

      Hi Mike, thanks for reading! I do agree that Marvel has some great female superheroes in their comics (such as She-Hulk, Storm and Captain marvel just to name a few) and have added some female versions of popular superheroes (like Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man and Spider-Man, as you mentioned). That is awesome and marvel and other companies have taken a step in the right direction, but I think the next step is representation on screen that doesn’t relegate women to simply being the “romantic” interest.

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