The Door

Sunday this last week was like any other Sunday, unless you count that I am now living on my own in the University Village apartments. That aside, the fact that I was up until about 11pm still working on homework and preparing for another week full of classes is certainly not a new thing to me now. The room, on the other hand, is still a little odd; therefore, on Sunday night I spent at least ten minutes wondering why there is a locked door by my bed that has no knob or handle and why it there in the first place.

Honestly, who puts a door that goes no where in a room in the first place? We have a front door and a back door, and then this weird locked door in my room that I inadvertently seem to always manage to roll into at some point in the night. As a writer, I have come to dub this door the “Narnia” door of my apartment. Catchy, right?

I spent those ten minutes wondering, “What if it led into the apartment beside me?” “What if it led to a different country?” “What if it led to an entirely different world?” Being the usual goof I am, I fill my head with multiple stories that could explain the existance of a knobless door that goes no where in particular.

It is a pretty ominous, black door, after all.

Alas, there is no way to find out, so my overactive imagination will just have to keep coming up with ideas that could fuel entire novels about adventures through doors, because, really, what else could prick our curiosity more than closed door?

Update: I found out it’s where they hide the water heater. Well, there goes that mystery.

This is Blue, signing off.