Final Push: Turning Twenty And Moving Out

Sorry everyone! This was meant to go up on Thursday last week, so I apologize for any confusion. Stay tuned later for details on my birthday weekend and what life is like in my new apartment! 



Well, we have made it to the final push, folks. I’m checking into my new apartment tomorrow, I’m turning twenty on Saturday and I will spend my first night in my new home on Sunday when I get back from my birthday trip to Dickinson. Whoo, busy weekend! I cannot begin to tell you how many things have been going through my mind this week–which, of course, has been the cause of a little stress here and there.

For one, I’m turning twenty. It’s like it was just yesterday when I was a Freshman in highschool and I had this bizarre notion that by the time I got to college I would know exactly how the world worked and all I would have to do is find out how I fit into the bigger picture. Newsflash to me, four years later, I still don’t understand how the world works and I have no idea how I fit into the bigger picture. This whole “turning twenty” thing is beyond me, since I still feel a little lost and not at all like an adult at times compared to the people around me. Turning twenty is like that weird, in-between state where you aren’t quite teen and aren’t quite adult. I mean, yeah, I’m here in the real world with a job, but I’m also here at college taking classes and furthering my schooling so I can go and make something of myself in this “real world.”

Turning twenty is realizing I am going to be living off of ramen noodles for the next four or so years of my life, because everything else in the store is so gosh-dang expensive. It is actually quite terrifying when your parents go, “and here is the aisle you your staple food–ramen noodles.” Though, I suppose it could be worse. I could be living off of peanut butter and bread.

I’d rather not think about that one.

Okay, getting off the road that just flows toward depressing thoughts, what are the good things about turning twenty? Well, in taking a note from Lauren Zuniga’s (a great spoken word poet, you should all check her out), I think I’m going to dub this new number to my age: Time to stretch my wings.

Seriously, I’m moving out and moving into an apartment on campus. I’m opening myself up to opportunities that include becoming further involved with the Bison Information Network and the KNDS Radio and thus exploring more sides of my journalism major…I can really take advantage of ACE tutoring and the library hours during dead week and really study for my finals this semester. I can look into internships for next summer–the possibilities are endless!

So, yeah, it’s the final push to moving in and things are a little uncertain and new and terrifying at times, but I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to take on each new challenge the world throws at me.

Watch out world, because Blue is ready for Fargo!
This is Blue, signing off.