4 Things I’ll Miss About Home

Going away from home is usually the first thought about college. Students spend their first day on campus moving into dorms, meeting their roommates, their RA’s, making new friends within their residence hall. Of course, this isn’t the same reality for all students. I am one of the exemptions, a student who lives within thirty miles of campus which has allowed me to make the commute between home and school each day without failure.

One could say that I am one semester and some months late to this whole “moving-out” thing. I’ve practically skipped the residence halls to move straight into apartment living within the University Village of NDSU’s campus. As I am already within the two week mark of moving in next weekend, I’ve had a lot more to think about then what my grocery list will look like or what I will be bringing with me from home and what will stay back in Casselton while I start the next phase of my life living in Fargo, where I can be closer to my new friends and, more importantly, my classes.

4. Ed Clapp Elementary

One of the many things that will be changing in the next two weeks as I make my transition from living in Casselton to living in Fargo is my work place. Currently, I have had the pleasure of being able to work with the Boys and Girls Club/Fargo Youth Commission. With working with FYC, I get to spend three mornings a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) at Ed Clapp Elementary in South Fargo where I work as a “Youth Development Professional.” Though I have only been at the site a few months now, I will definitely miss the small group of students there as I switch sites to Washington Elementary on April 11th, after I move in to Fargo.

3. The Small Town Atmosphere

There is not much to be said about a small town in the way that would have people flocking here by the dozens. Casselton is not horribly small, but it is no big city, that is for sure. What I will miss however, are the neighbors I have grown up knowing, the feeling of home and the place I grew up.

2. Pets

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I could ramble on for days about how much I will miss my two cats and my dog. Whenever people have commented about how far I live from campus for making the thirty mile commute, my reply is always along the lines of “I don’t have to leave my pets.” Honestly, I will miss coming home at night after a long day of class and cuddling up with my cats Gilligan and Goldy. I will miss their silly antics–Gilligan and his love for boxes and Goldy and her obsession with the dog’s blanket and Quinn, the dog who talks back to my dad when it is time to come inside for the night.

For one that has grown up with cats and a dog in their life for as long as I can remember, leaving them behind it probably one of the hardest parts about moving-out, but also one of the reasons I’m thankful that home will never be far away. There will always be time to come back on a weekend and for winter break to spend time with my family and my little furry companions.

1. My Family

Silly, how I will miss being able to talk to my mom about my day on the way back home, when we live in the age of skype and cell phones that we can use to call or text, right? Yeah, I know. As much as I have been saying lately that I can’t wait to move out, I know that the first few days and weeks will be odd. I’m leaving my family to put one foot into the real world where I will be sharing an apartment with two wonderful roomates and I couldn’t be more excited, but not being able to sit out in the living room with my mom and dad and brother and just chill? That will be weird.

So yeah, things are going to be different in two weeks, but not all in a bad way. This is a change that I am welcoming, that I have wanted for a while and I know that only good things can come in the future from my decision to start myself down the path toward my goals.

This is Blue, signing off.

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