Archers On Your Mark: ND Students Compete In State Archery Competition

Basketball was not the only thing that brought people out to Minot, North Dakota over the weekend. Carrying large, black cases and sporting matching team shirts, students from across the state flocked to compete at the North Dakota State Archery tournament on Saturday, March 19th, with the hope of hitting a bullseye. Among these sharpshooters was a team of three from Central Cass, returning for their second year after only beginning an after-school archery team last year. imageWith two seniors and one freshman, the team was certainly small compared to larger schools such as Oakes and North-Sargent; nevertheless, they were not lacking from support in the crowd. While I am not an avid archer myself, the addition of an archery team to my former high school has given my sixteen-year-old little brother a new love that brings him out of his bedroom and away from his video games.

Before my inbox is mobbed by angry gamers, I’ll say that games are great. I, in fact, loved playing Zelda as a kid and I love to play games like Minecraft in my free time with my friends; however, my brother is the real gamer between the two of us. While I love that some games like Minecraft allow him leadership opportunities, such as being a moderator on some servers, getting to see my brother having fun at an archery tournament was something else.


Unlike the times I have heard him rage at a computer over a game, he actually laughed over his own mistakes! He was able to make jokes out of when he missed and grin his wide, toothy grin when he managed to “get in the red” as he called it, the ring just outside of the bullseye. Now, while he was not able to do as well as the two senior boys, he still managed to do fairly well. Is he the best archer in the lot? No, but with an entire summer to practice, he’ll be hitting the bullseye next year, for sure. He has three years ahead of him to continue to improve and compete and grow as the archery program grows at Central Cass to include the middle school and elementary school students and, with hope, the school will recognize the archery as a school event and more than just an after school “club.”

Trust me, if they need advocates, I’ll be second in line–right behind my mom.

So, congrats to those amazing students who decided to do something different over the weekend.
This is Blue, signing off.