Daredevil Season 2 Starts With A Bang

My fellow DD-fans/horn-heads, the wait is over! Just yesterday netflix released the second season of Daredevil and, of course, I did not wait long to get my first glimpse at what is in store for our favorite crime-fighting hero and the newest vigilante that has hit the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

I’ll admit, I had had some doubts about the casting for the Punisher. I had first learned of the marvel character when I watched The Punisher (2004) on netflix a year ago; however, after reading one of the story arcs from the Punisher comic line, I thought I had a basic grasp of the character. That said, I had a certain attatchment to John Travolta’s portrayal of the iconic marvel anti-hero. Upon watching the first trailer that marvel released for the first season, my doubts were dashed.

So, that said, season one left off with Fisk in jail and Daredevil beginning to be recognized at the hero of Hell’s Kitchen. Season two seems to pick up some time after these events, with daredevil becoming more comfortable in his new suit and with office of Nelson and Murdock full of clients. Overall, things seem to be going well for our favorite horn-wearing hero, but we all know that all good things have to come to an end. So, without giving anything away, here are my five favorite points of season two, episode one:

1. Foggy and Matt: The Avocados at Law are back (aka the best bromance ever).

2. Karen and Matt: I sense some flirting here for any wild Karedevil shippers out there. Who knows, we might see a relationship developing soon.


Photo credit to Marvel Daredevil’s facebook page

3. Jon Berthal as The Punisher: Nitty, Gritty and just plain badass!

4. Daredevil vs Punisher: Wow, just wow, looks like Matty might have finally met his match, my friends. From the trailers alone and just the pure history behind these two heroes in comic books, they have rarely gotten along and it looks like we are in for a dark, action packed season.


Photo credit to Marvel Daredevil’s facebook page

5. The giant power vacum: With Fisk out of the way, things just aren’t getting any better for Daredevil. Let’s be frank guys, I simply love this street level, gritty, get-your-hands-dirty kind of world that the Daredevil brings us into. Long time fans of the comics will love the atmosphere.

Of course, this is only scratching the surface and there is stil more to be discovered with the addition of Matt’s past lover, Elektra, and Stick’s return with the arrival of The Hand within Hell’s Kitchen. I am sure we will also see more of Karen Page and her complex background while enjoying the origin story of the Punisher himself. From the spine-chilling opening to the well-crafted storylines, fans can certainly expect a show-stopping second season that will leave us begging for more.

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Enjoy your netlix adventures, horn-heads.
This is Blue, signing off.